One of the recent assignments for the Data Science class was a personal website. The only aspects that were required of the assignment was a landing page, a resume and some links to your email and Github. As you finish more class projects and maybe personal projects, it might be good to put them on your website. You may also want to add some personal flair to your site, so this tutorial will lay out some things that you may want to try out.

A Good Project Page

One thing a website is great for is showcasing skills that you accrued in your coursework. This will become especially apparent as you do your Data Science Final Project and take more project-oriented classes like Data Science II or Topics in Computing. But, how do you talk about your project in an accessible way to future employers?

What not to do

The easiest thing to do with a new project that you’ve finished is to just copy-and-paste it from your final report into an .Rmd and then post it to your website. The most important thing to keep in mind is your audience. Most of the time, your personal portfolio is going to be directed at future employers.

First: Frame the project for your audience

With an audience in mind, you can start tuning the writing of your project to them. Employers are always looking to see if you have the correct skill set for their job opening. Many job positions have many, many people applying to them, so ideally you would make it as easy as possible to see what skills you used on a project:

This is an example from my own website: